Service Repair Translation

Service repair information possesses complex translation challenges. Owner’s literature helps simplify complex vehicle operations and enhances the owner experience. While service repair information enables technicians to service vehicles safely, on-time and at the right cost.

Service information is time sensitive, there’s a tremendous amount of data to translate in a short period of time so it’s expensive and it’s highly technical. An effective translation strategy will need to include advanced translation technologies to reduce translation load, automotive subject matter expertise and a methodology to manage and measure translation quality.

Advanced Translation Technologies that reduce time-to-market and costs.

Coming near the end of the publication process. Translations must be in place before a vehicle can be sold and are subject to many potentially disruptive factors; from schedule creep and last minute engineering changes, the translation process is always under considerable stress. Advanced translation technologies must be implemented to reduce the amount of text that needs to be translated. At Language Arts & Science we have the largest collection of Automotive Translation Memories for accelerated 100% matching and Translation Memory leveraging. High-quality, human translation covering almost every part in a vehicle. Reducing the number of words that need to be translated while improving time-to-market and significantly reducing translation costs.

What is Translation Memory? Click here for a 5-minute demo

Proud Motor Mouths – Subject Matter Experts.
Translating complex automotive terminology and repair instructions is no easy task and requires extensive automotive knowledge. Language Arts & Science is the only translation provider that tests and benchmarks it’s translators on their automotive knowledge. Our translators are subject matter experts and passionate car enthusiasts. Accurate, high-quality service information reduces warranty and repair costs, protects against product liability issues and improves customer satisfaction with their vehicle. Count on Language Arts & Science translators for subject matter expertise.

SAE J2450 Translation Quality Metric. Measure not Proofread.
Owner’s Literature and Service Information content can run into the hundreds of thousands and millions of words per year and per language, exceeding conventional quality assurance methodologies. Proofreading every word becomes impractical timing and cost wise.
Language Arts & Science quality assurance process includes measuring translation quality through the effective implementation of the SAE J2450 Translation Quality Standard into the translation and review process. When used effectively, J2450 can help reduce costs, improve quality and timing. J2450 adds a statistical component to language quality management.

Language Arts & Science delivers Service Information solutions that reduce costs, improve quality and time-to-market in every language effectively and efficiently. Our services include:

  • Translation and Localization into every commercial language
  • Access to a 100 million word high-quality Automotive Translation Memory
  • Tested and Benchmarked Automotive Subject Matter Expert Translators
  • Advanced Quality Assurance solutions to measure translation quality

Count on Language Arts & Science to deliver service information solutions that improve quality, reduce costs and accelerate time-to-market. Contact a Senior Client Adviser today.