Multilingual SEO and SEM

Effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is just as important as your website’s content. SEO requires a comprehensive approach to managing the back end of your website to improve page ranking and provide a better user experience. Effective SEO improves customer engagement, brand penetration and facilitates the sales process. More than any other channel, online marketing is the fastest growing marketing tool available today.

While there are big name companies out there that do a great job of SEO, few address international and multilingual SEO effectively. For them it’s just an afterthought. For Language Arts & Science it’s a core mission. We’re passionate about delivering multilingual services that help you grow your business around the globe.

Cost effective and better Multilingual SEO and SEM.

We pick up where your interactive agency leaves off. The fact is multilingual and international SEO and SEM is not a well-served market. We’re not here to replace your agency we’re here to work with them by providing translation-related multilingual services. We’ve assembled a global team of SEO & SEM professionals that allow us to provide cost effective multilingual and international SEO and SEM services that deliver results. We can design and deliver Landing Pages and Microsites in every commercial language. Optimized to work with Google and local search engines alike.

From Keyword research, competitive SEO analysis, multilingual Landing Page development and optimization to site monitoring, reporting and analysis. Language Arts & Science multilingual SEO and SEM services complement your existing SEO activities.

Language Arts & Science delivers comprehensive SEO and SEM services that help companies reach their audience and grow their business Our services include:

  • Keyword research
  • Competitive SEO Analysis
  • Multilingual Landing Page development and optimization
  • Multilingual online Ad development
  • Advanced Geo-targeting Strategies
  • Site Monitoring reporting and analysis

Language Arts & Science is an Approved Google Engage Agency. Have Language Arts & Science optimize your international or multicultural website to maximize SERP and generate more relevant website traffic. Choose from complete SEM packages that deliver clicks and conversions. Contact us today for a free SEO consultation.