10 Easy Tips to Ensure Your Creative Works!

  1. Determine early in the creative process whether your project will be translated.

    The best translators in the world can’s save ideas and marketing messages that don’t work in a given market.

  2. Involve your internal clients overseas in the creative process.

    Make sure your in-country teams participate in the creative process. Their buy-in and local market knowledge should be used to localize advertising and marketing messages.

  3. Provide a Creative Brief with your project.

    Understanding who your audience is and what your objectives are is critical to the creative adaptation process. Age is an especially critical demographic that will affect your transcreations.

  4. Avoid double entendres – you can’t get the same two meanings in another language.

    Copy with double meanings always gets lost in the translations. Visually with double meanings work much more effectively. Make sure you craft headlines that can be adapted.

  5. Choose your images, graphics and colors with an international audience in mind.

    Choosing the right images is just as important as writing the right copy. Don’t just assume that your images work in every market.

  6. Leave your tagline in English.

    Unless you have the budget to test your tagline in every language and country – and who does? Consider leaving your tagline in English. It works for McDonald’s so it might work for you too!

  7. Don’t expect translators to be advertising copywriters.

    Expecting translators to perform like copywriters is a recipe for disaster. At Language Arts & Science we employ copywriters and translators to make effective ads, brochures, websites and landing pages.

  8. Make your ads bilingual not monolingual.

    More and more people across the globe live bilingual lives. Reading, writing and communicating in more than one language. Age plays a big part here in knowing when to leave something in English or not.

  9. Have us manage your in-country reviews

    Let us manage your in-country reviews. We’ll separate the meaningful feedback from the clutter and make sure your in-country managers don’t make changes that create legal headaches for you.

  10. Have us work in your source application files.

    We can save you money and boat loads of time by having us work directly in your Indesign, HTML or CMS generated files. Translation technologies allow us to streamline the process saving you time and money.