Advertising & Marketing Localization

Translation is not a word-for-word exchange from one language into another. Translating ads, marketing messages and using social media to connect are complex activities usually requiring more than just translation. Besides the fundamental ability to understand and translate text into another language, the main skill needed—yet always overlooked—is the ability to craft, write and produce short, engaging headlines, body copy, and taglines that effectively reach their audience. Commonly known as “transcreations”, recreating marketing messages in other languages for consumers in different regions and cultures is no easy task.

Social media, Web, Mobile, TV, Print, Direct/Loyalty Marketing, Radio, Outdoor. Sometimes translation is not enough.

Expecting translators to be advertising copywriters is one of the more common mistakes clients make. Translators are not creative copywriters. While our team includes translators with years of experience translating marketing messages, we’ve assembled a team of multilingual advertising copywriters with years of experience translating advertising and marketing messages. These proven international advertising professionals are motor vehicle subject matter experts and deliver ads and marketing messages that don’t get lost in the translation.

Language Arts & Science delivers translations that connect brands and consumers effectively in every language. Our services include:

  • Multilingual Design & Engineering
  • Creative adaptations, headline writing, tagline development
  • Complete graphics department to support all digital and print projects
  • Campaign evaluation for translatability
  • Translation effectiveness improvement
  • Fast turnaround & time-to-market reduction