Your website is your most valuable marketing asset. Make sure it speaks the right language.

You wouldn’t hire writing students to write your website, so why would you hire Spanish language students to translate your website?

Literal translation of web copy — which is what many firms offer — won’t work for your website. In order for your site to perform as a successful marketing tool, your message needs to be tailored for each specific audience. Cultural norms, locality, and buyer motivations must all be taken into account. Simply put, mere translation isn’t enough.

LAS goes a step further. In addition to creating engaging, audience-focused translations, we offer extensive web services to help keep your website up to date. Whether you have one website or 10, our multilingual SEO capabilities, website maintenance packages and superior translation tools ensure your brand’s image remains consistent — in every part of the globe.

No matter the scope of your needs, LAS can help you reduce costs, accelerate time-to-market and reach your audience better.


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