Entering a global market when your target audience doesn't understand the services you provide—or even how to pronounce your name—is a serious challenge.

This is the problem many companies experience looking to expand their market reach. It might be your company’s problem, too.

From language barriers to brand positioning, there are many hurdles to jump if you plan to successfully establish a presence — and gain trust — in a new market. Straightforward translation of your current marketing materials isn’t enough. You need to start fresh with a new message: one that speaks to your audience directly and addresses their specific needs.

When automotive research company R.L. Polk wanted to expand into China, they had exactly these problems. They knew they needed to be in China, but weren’t sure if their existing plan was solid. It wasn’t, so we helped them get to the core of their message in a way that would resonate with their audience. Our approach was a huge success, and the company continues to expand its presence in China today.


Want to know how we did it? Click the image to download the case study.

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